Dear Bitcore Community,
this is a quick summary of our two-day meeting from 12 - 13th of December 2017 @ Bodensee.

Open meeting
First of all let us thank everyone that came to the open meeting on December 12th. We had great discussions and we’re happy you were able to meet with us on such short notice!
Special thanks to our host Fabian, he is an even more fantastic guy in real life than he is in the Telegram chat! If you ever consider staying near Bodensee, take a look at his gorgeous hotel:
We made some great contacts that will help us grow Bitcore in the future.

Internal meeting.
The vast growth of Bitcore and the sudden increase of interest for BTX all over the world was overwhelming for our team.
We decided to restructure and rethink the way we approach all upcoming development to make sure we can meet the expectations and fully utilize the possiblities Bitcore’s underlying tech provides.
Restructuring took some time and now we are back at 100%!

The team now gets direct support from more developers and people experienced with cryptocurrency project development.
We will release an official team announcement within the next 24h.

The Bitcore Core team has decided on a lot of important points regarding development and marketing for the future.
This is a sneak preview of things to come for BTX:

New Website
This will contain a new and more in-depth structure and a redesign.
Including a new block explorer (independant from the current chainz explorer)
It will also contain our official roadmap with more points than listed within this statement.

Jon already released the pull request for GENERAL BYTES ATMs.
We expect to hear back from them soon and already have several people ready to order once the latest software is implemented for their systems.

More ways to sell and buy BTX.
Right now cannot publicly give specifics.

Hardware wallet support
We expect to get support for Bitcore BTX on a hardware wallet soon.

Your Bitcore team